Writing Thoughts and What I’m Currently Working on

September has been a good month for me. I was able to release Perfectly Clueless as promised—yay! Honestly, it feels a little surreal that I’ve already published three books since I debuted in February.

I can’t believe it was only last year when I almost gave up on becoming an author. For almost a decade, I’ve been writing and attempting to finish my own books to no avail. Seriously, I probably have 10 stories that won’t ever see the light of day.

But when I finally finished and released Truth or Dare into the world, writing became a much easier and smoother process.

And now that I’ve finished the third book in the Bayfield High series, I’m thinking of taking a little break from my favorite gang before I start on the last two books.

In fact, right now I’m working on two other stories. Still young adult contemporary romance. One standalone, and the other a duet. The standalone will be quite longer than Perfectly Clueless. And I’m making it to be a lot cuter and funnier than the BH series. I just honestly hope I succeed on that front. While the duet will be more serious and mature—maybe even a little more angsty and bordering on new adult?

They both have story outlines in place now. I’ve even written the first chapters, but it’s definitely going to take me awhile to finish them. So I’m hoping for an early 2019 release for the standalone, and around March-May for the duet. Still tentative, of course.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll even publish the fourth and last BH books ahead of them. So much for taking a break, right?

Honestly, I don’t keep a strict plan and schedule when it comes to writing. As long as the creative juices keep flowing, I’m churning out the words no matter the story. So, like I said, who knows?

Eh, I’ll let you know when I already have definitive release dates to share…



ICYMI: Perfectly Clueless, the third book in Bayfield High series is out now!!!


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